Courtney Moore

Courtney Moore Taylor is an assistant professor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Santa Fe College. Dr. Taylor received her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from North Carolina Central University (1999) and her Master of Arts in American History at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2003).Upon completing her MA, she taught in the African American Studies Program at UNCG. Taylor received her PhD in American History, with West African History as her minor field of study, in August 2010. Her research interests include the slavery experience during the antebellum period as it relates to enslaved African American females. Research projects include “My Presus Girl: The Rites of Passage for the Adolescent Female Slave in the Antebellum South, 1800-1861,” “Death in the Pot: The State versus Poll and Lavinia,” “Sacrificial Lambs: Infanticide and Its Implications Concerning American Slavery” and “Female Slave Violence in Antebellum North Carolina and Virginia.”Taylor’s dissertation, entitled Free In Thought, Fettered In Action: Enslaved Adolescent Females In The Slave South, seeks to understand how enslaved adolescent females dealt with puberty while being deemed property.